Electronic Communications

Electronic Communications

We love electronic communications here at Collison & Co and fully encourage the sending of all correspondence to us by email. Its not that we don’t like fax and regular postal mail, its just that we have to scan that in as we prefer to be able to access correspondence electronically rather than sifting through piles of paper.

The best way to send us your email is to include our main email address collison@collison.com.au/ as the primary address or as the secondary CC address. Either way it will end up in front of the appropriate person to get back to you as well as ending up in the right electronic file.

For any attachments, we prefer PDF form or a text form such as .doc. .docx, .rtf, .txt etc. If its an original document that you want to send to us, such as a signed assignment or other official document, then of course please send it by the postal system of your choice.

Our preferred method of communicating with you is also by email, should that be an issue then please let your attorney know.


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